It is a nice warm day in May as I write this blog, but I recently scanned through my pictures and saw this snowman.  It was a lot of work to build him, and he made an impression on me.

IMG_0702As you look at this snowman, you may notice a couple things.
1. He is a little dirty.
2. He is slightly lopsided.
3. He needs the STOP sign to support him.

Many things in life make me think about my seniors with dementia.  This snowman did just that.  Let’s compare my friends with this snowman.

1. There are days my friends with dementia are not as well-groomed or clean as they would like to be.  Despite good and consistent efforts by caregivers, staying clean while eating, keeping clothes brushed free of food, and not having an occasional oh so unpleasant bathroom odor can be a problem.
2. Many of my friends find it difficult to move about from place to place.  They feel lopsided.  This feeling of unsteadiness is disconcerting.
3. All my friends (and all their caregivers) need a little support from time to time.  Knowing we have loved ones who care, loved ones to call on, and loved ones to support us, makes life worth the extra effort some days demand.

This snowman caught my attention.  In many ways he is quite beautiful.  I also am aware of the work that went into making him from the very small amount of snow that fell, but the family was determined.  The outcome was quite remarkable.  Determination in caregiving, education about the process, and lots of love will make your caregiving journey more successful.

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