I had the opportunity to talk with a wonderful lady who is the main caregiver for her mother.  She expressed great concern for her mother, who has Alzheimer’s and her sister, who is living in a land we call “denial”.  Other people call that land “Happy, Happy Land”, because they deny the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s.

I felt sad for the daughter who is doing the caregiving on a day to day basis.  She so desires to offer the very best for her mother, but she has a life, also.  Balancing it all is wearing her down, and it will soon have a negative effect on her well-being.  She believes the family needs to be proactive in the care of their mother, but the sister seems to think they should wait until they absolutely HAVE to take action.

In my opinion, that line of thinking is like driving down the road and seeing a sign ahead that says “BRIDGE IS OUT”, yet we keep driving.  We believe if we think everything is going to be OK, and we believe everything is going to be OK, and we repeatedly say everything is going to be OK, then – EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OK.  Well, that just isn’t true.  You can keep driving, and you can keep believing the bridge is not out, but when you reach the end and discover the bridge is indeed OUT, you now have a big problem.

Think about how much easier life would have been if the driver had stopped, turned around, and taken a different route on that road.  There would have been no crisis experienced when reaching the end of the road to discover there was no bridge.

Waiting until our loved ones with dementia HAVE to move to an assisted living is like driving down that road with the bridge out sign looming ahead.  We know our folks are going to need more care.  If their diagnosis is an irreversible dementia, they are not going to get better.  NOW is the time to take action.

My client is investigating an independent living and an assisted living community for her mother.  She wants to make plans NOW before Mom is so far advanced in her journey of dementia that she cannot make friends and form a life in her new home.  I call that SMART.

We are happy to help you find the assisted living which fits your needs.  We charge you absolutely nothing for our assistance.  Write for more information – carol@seniorlifejourneys.com

Hope that gives you Something To Ponder.






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