IMG_3649 The shoes, pants, and matching top were purchased. My sister and I were so excited to show them to Momma. Momma has mid-stage advancing Alzheimer’s. I keep saying “mid-stage” even though I am beginning to wonder how accurate that is. However, in saying “mid stage”, I some how feel better.

But I digress. We had spent a good deal of time choosing the items. The shoes had to have support for the arch, a back around the heal, easy to put on, no laces, no Velcro, no buckles, and – hopefully – they would be pretty.

The new items were taken to Momma at her assisted living home. She was excited, and so were we. But… the pants were too big. The shirt was described as “loud” when Momma saw it, and the shoes were too long and uncomfortable on her toes. Other than that, everything was purrrrfect! Or not!

Today Momma and I ventured out to return the shoes and exchange the pants. Before we could get to the main door of the store, Momma was exhausted, so a wheelchair was procured. While working on the return, Momma did a little looking at the shoes available, and she settled on the pair she is wearing in this picture. She declared them fabulous in every way. YEAH! I paid for the shoes, and we began our walk to the car.

Hold up one moment, though. Before we got to the car, Momma said the shoes were hurting her feet! Really? Already? We decided she needed some nylon footies to make them more comfortable. (Care to guess where I found the nylon footies the next day? In the trash can!)

Now I am wondering how long before I need to return the pair we purchased today. The work of a caregiver is NEVER done. Hope that gives you Something To Ponder



Sometimes, You’ve Just Got To Laugh!



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