momma is confused and so am i - carol howell

Momma has mid-stage advancing Alzheimer’s. Most of the time, Momma is happy and upbeat. She recognizes her confusion, and she is good at making light of the situation. Things have changed recently.

Momma has seemed more confused and even sad as of late. It is very distressing to witness this change in her. The confusion is easier to handle than the sadness. I long to see the glimmer of light and hope and laughter in her eyes, but I see a blank stare and depression. It makes me wonder what might be causing this.

As I educate caregivers about dementia, I sometimes forget the very things I preach over and over again. This is one of those cases. Fortunately, MY brain cells clicked in, and I had Momma tested for a urinary tract infection. Sure enough, she had one. Not only did she have a UTI, that UTI did not respond to the first round of antibiotics. She has just finished the second round, and I am waiting on word as to whether or not the infection has “hit the road, jack!”

If Momma’s infection is gone, and I continue to see signs of increased depression, I will discuss adding a second anti-depressant to her daily regime. However, I have decided to give her a week or two to see how she is after the infection has left her body. I do not want to over medicate her, but I also do not want to under medicate her.

Think about urinary tract infections if you see a sudden change in your loved one’s demeanor, attitude, comprehension, or anything else that causes you concern. A trip to the doctor is in order!

Hope that gives you Something To Ponder.

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