-4This is a picture of the palm of my right hand.  You will notice some knots in the palm just below the fingers.  I don’t know what they are, but it made me wonder.

I am visiting the dermatologist this week for my yearly exam.  I will ask her to take a look at these spots.  They don’t hurt in any way, so I am really not concerned.  However, I don’t know for sure they are as benign as I am thinking.

When you notice something different with your loved one with dementia, don’t assume it is not a big deal.  It might be very important.  Have you noticed a new spot on their skin?  Have you observed a limp?  Do they seem more confused than normal?  Take these changes seriously, and make the necessary appointments to get professional counsel.

Momma has mid-stage advancing Alzheimer’s.  She sees her doctor regularly.  She also gets a full body check by her dermatologist each year.  Her eye exam happens every six months.  (We will discuss eye exams in our blog next week.)

I am keeping close check on Momma’s health.  I recommend you do the same thing for your loved one.

Hope that gives you Something To Ponder.




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