-3You may recognize this picture of my grand-dog, Leo the Chiweenie. He has made a few appearances in my blog. It seems Leo needed some time to ponder.  He positioned himself by the edge of his family pool, rested his head on his feet, and…. pondered.  I wonder what thoughts went through his head.

Maybe Leo was thinking how good the sunshine of South Florida felt to his back.  Maybe he was looking forward to dinner.  Maybe he was feeling a little “under the weather” and was taking time to recover.  Maybe he was merely resting.

Momma has mid-stage advancing Alzheimer’s.  I often wonder what she is thinking.  I wonder if I really know how she feels physically.  I wonder if she gets scared thinking about her future.  I wonder if she forgets I have visited recently and begins to wonder where I am.  I wonder what I will do when I no longer have her.

That last thought hurts on a level I cannot allow my mind to grasp.  I won’t go there mentally for more than a minute or two.  I have Momma with me.  I am more thankful for her than words can describe.

Maybe Momma needs time to rest and relax and ponder.  Maybe I do, also.  I think Leo has the right idea.  For me, it is time to take a break (if I only had a pool to sit by like Leo).  Hope that gives YOU Something To Ponder.





“If you stir coconut oil into your kale, it is so much easier to scrape it into the trash can!”
(Seriously, I like pan fried kale, but that is funny!)


Sometimes, You’ve Just Got To Laugh!


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