Momma Is Confused and So Am I

This is a picture of my sweet Momma, Vera. Ain’t she PUR-TEE? She is a huge joy in my world, and she is also the reason I scratch my head and wonder. She throws curve balls my way with questions she asks (“Carol, can I move in with my boyfriend?”), the comments she makes (“You people are crazier than I am!”), and her refusal to get out of bed (“Oh, come get in the bed with me. We can lay here and talk.”)

I answer her questions (“Uh…. Momma what will you do with all your furniture if you move in with your boyfriend? Does he know you’ve had three husbands, and they all died? Does he REALLY want to be number 4?), laugh at her comments (“Momma, you are too funny!”), and find any reason I can imagine to NOT get in bed with her (“Momma, your bed is about 400 degrees, and I would probably melt). No matter what, she is my heart, and I love her.

My latest book, MOMMA IS CONFUSED AND SO AM I, was released a few weeks ago. I hope you find it beneficial in your dementia caregiving journey. You can click HERE to order through Amazon.

momma is confused and so am i - carol howell

Sometimes, You’ve Just Got To Laugh!

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