LIVE FOR FIVE is our Facebook Live Videos.

  • They offer caregiving tips in just five minutes.
  • We know you are super busy as a caregiver.
  • The time you have is precious.
  • We want to give you good information quickly and make you smile!
  • Hope you enjoy our LIVE FOR FIVE videos.
Thanksgiving Dinner and Dementia

Thanksgiving Dinner and Dementia

Whether this is your first year hosting Thanksgiving with someone who has dementia, or maybe you've done so for several years, this quick five minute episode will give you some good tips!  (Sorry the feed is a little fuzzy!!) [youtube...

“Live For Five” Facebook Video – NEVER ARGUE

“Live For Five” Facebook Video – NEVER ARGUE

LIVE FOR FIVE - Dementia Caregiving tips - five quick minutes to make your caregiving journey easier.  Arguing with someone is seldom a good idea.  It is NEVER a good idea to argue with someone with dementia! - #dementia. #Alzheimer’s. #Letstalkdementia. [youtube...

Books About Dementia

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