Maybe I shouldn’t use the word “crappy”. After all, I am a best-selling author and should have a more extensive vocabulary. Well, get over it. Crappy is exactly how I feel about the last week. Momma is declining. That is crappy! No getting around it.

Momma is experiencing a large decline in her cognitive abilities. Her sundowning has been intense. She has spent many nights wondering where Sissy is (Sissy is her oldest daughter), and she is concerned who will get her ready for school. Momma is going back in time, and she is not comfortable in that time and space.

I know what Momma’s life was like when Sissy was in school. I am four years younger, but I know life was not easy for Momma. I hate that she might be experiencing some of those uncomfortable emotions and memories.

What can I do to help her? One approach I am using is visiting Momma around 7:30 PM. I call it her “tucky tucky time”. We laugh a little, act silly a little, read our nightly devotion, get her tucked into bed, and I listen while she prays. Does any of this sound familiar? Did your mother do any of these things for you as a child? I am hoping this time with Momma will spark some happy memories for her. And I think it is working. On the nights I visit, she does not call me repeatedly with her fears and concerns. Instead, she seems to be sleeping the entire night.

Sundowning must be a horrible experience. I don’t know how it feels, but I see the effects in Momma. I see fear in her eyes. I see confusion on her face. I see tension in her posture. I wish I could relieve all of this, but I can’t. In fact, next week’s blog will be about what I CANNOT do, and that is driving me crazy.

Thanks for letting me ramble on. It has been healing to share my thoughts with you. Write me with your thoughts. I am a good listener – .

Hope that gives you Something To Ponder.




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