IMG_9370My world is crazy busy this week. It seems as if I get to work, turn around, and it is time to go home. The thought then strikes – “What did I accomplish today?” Upon considering that question, I often am not sure of the answer.

It seems I am busy dealing with the immediate issues of my day and putting more and more things on the back burner. Of course, those back burner items have to be dealt with at some point, and that means they will still be on my desk tomorrow. UGH!

After a long day of accomplishing less than I had hoped, being able to giggle is just what the doctor ordered. I received this picture of Leo, my Grand Dog, and it made me giggle. I needed that giggle. It helped relieve stress, relaxed my face muscles, and took some tension off my forehead (which was furrowed from the activities of the day).

Leo is a Chiweenie, and he is a cutie. You gotta admit, he sports those sunglasses quite well!

Relax and giggle. Then help your loved one with dementia to do the same.

Hope that gives you Something To Ponder.







Sometimes, You’ve Just Got To Laugh!


The teacher asked little Sammy to tell the class what his father did for a living. “Oh, he’s a magician. His best trick is sawing people in half.”

“WOW! That is fantastic! Do you have siblings?”

“Yep, I have two half brothers!”

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