The flowers caught my attention as I was strolling with my husband through our neighborhood.  I am fairly certain they had been in bloom for a few days, but my eye had not captured their beauty until today.  So red.  So full.  So beautiful.  I thought of my momma and her new heavenly home.  I am sure it is full of beauty!   We walked on.

   The next flowers to capture my attention were the same flower but in a different color.  WOW!  They are just as beautiful, yet they are different.  As humans, we are all different, but we all have beauty within us. The question is this− Will we share that beauty with others?


  This multi-hued bush is amazing.  Lots of colors, tall and attention grabbing, and a wonderful addition to our landscaping.  The folks we love and care for are multi-faceted like this plant.  Lots of personalities that bring lots of challenges, but these same personalities bring lots of love.

  What is this plant?  Its leaves are sharp, and its colors are vivid.  It grabs our attention as we walk by.  Our LO (loved one) may have “sharp corners” some days, and other days their attention and personality may be more vivid and alive than other days.  They grab our attention no matter what kind of day they are having. We need to relish those days of beauty.

  And then we came upon the tall and stately palm tree.  (It’s the only thing on our walk for which I knew the name!)  I looked at its height and strength.  The beauty it has is not like any other tree.  When you see a palm tree, you know it is a PALM TREE.  Our loved ones once were tall and stately.  They were well-known in their world. They had careers and ambition and desires and dreams.  They may now be bent over by life’s challenges.  They may no longer work toward grand ambitions or dreams, but they are still beautiful and worthy of our attention.

Hope that gives you Something To Ponder.

P.S. – Consider taking your LO on a nature walk.  It might be just what the doctor ordered!


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