Inside Out and Backwards

I visited a friend in Memory Care recently. We enjoyed Creative Music Making together. I introduced beautiful soft scarves to the process of dancing to the beat of the music. As I placed several scarves around her neck, I noticed her clothes were inside out and backwards. I was a bit perplexed as to why the staff had dressed her in such a way.

Because I care for my folks and their dignity, I inquired as to how her appearance came to be rather disheveled. I should have expected the answer. My wonderful friend had made it her responsibility to undress and redress several times a day. In the process, her clothes were returned to her body in any order and fashion she desired.

As a professional in this setting, and as a caregiver to my mother who has mid-stage Alzheimer’s, I was reminded how UNimportant this scenario actually was. It would have seemed very reasonable to escort my friend to her room and redress her. But, I asked myself this question, “Does it affect her well-being any for her clothing to be inside out and backwards?” The answer was “No”, and I decided to dance and smile and laugh rather than correct what did not need correcting.

While this may not be the response you can offer when your loved one is preparing to go to an important social event such as church, it most often is a response that is appropriate. It is all about bringing joy and laughter. We are not to bring correction. Hope that gives you Something To Ponder.

Sometimes, You’ve Just Got To Laugh!

So true –

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