I’m thinking about food, and that isn’t really a news flash. I have spent my entire life fighting the battle of the bulge. Fat loves my hips and legs, and that doesn’t make me happy. I’ve lost one hundred pounds, and I still have more pounds to lose. Here is the problem… I really like food.

Momma has advancing Alzheimer’s type dementia, and she isn’t as interested in food as I am. Unless we are talking about chocolate chip cookies, or my homemade pies, or ice cream. With those foods, you have captured her attention. Momma also has what her doctor calls “a little bit of diabetes”. That means we are monitoring how often Momma gets those fun foods she enjoys so much. That does not mean we have eliminated them from her diet.

Momma is 78 years old with advancing Alzheimer’s. While I realize dementia is affected by blood sugar, I recognize the benefit of happiness to the brain. For most all of us, this happiness is escalated when we enjoy good food. If you ever had the privilege of eating my cranberry oatmeal pie, you would understand all about that feeling of happiness.

I want Momma to be healthy, and I want her to be happy. There is a fine line to be drawn between eating to control her sugar and eating to allow her to experience the joy of foods that might affect her blood sugar. It’s giving me Something To Ponder.




Sometimes, You’ve Just Got To Laugh!


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