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Finding and Affording an Assisted Living Center for Alzheimer’s, dementia, and memory care residents.

Making the decision to move to an assisted living, memory care facility, or group home can be an emotional and difficult experience, especially when your loved one has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or Dementia.  This decision was made easy for me, as Momma decided she was ready to move after touring during an open house.  She looked at me and said, “Carol, I want to live here.  You figure out how to pay for it.”  That is exactly what I did, and Momma absolutely loves her new home.

Studies have shown that individuals with dementia thrive when living in group settings.  The more social stimulation available, the better they feel and respond to their environment.  Often times families will move their aging parent to an assisted living and realize their parent has improved dramatically.  The family then feels the parent no longer needs the help offered at the facility, and they take mom or dad home.  After the return home, the loved one goes “down hill” rapidly.  Why did this occur?  They declined so quickly because they lost the social interaction that was spurring their improvement.

Deciding which living situation is best for your loved one can be difficult.  Senior Life Journeys offers free placement assistance.  No matter where you live, Senior Life Journeys is here to help.  If you live near our Rock Hill, South Carolina location, we provide all the benefits of a good real estate agent who happens to be a dementia specialist.  After meeting together, we narrow the choices down to three or four options, take you on guided tours, and help negotiate the best price.

If you are a veteran, learn how Senior Life Journeys
can help you find money to pay for assisted living care.

If you don’t live locally, we can still help.  Our contacts are spread across the country, and we can assist you via Skype, FaceTime or by phone.

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We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to helping people navigate this difficult time. We have experience working with Alzheimer’s Dementia, and Memory Care communities, and we help you understand the options available. Our assistance is FREE. Let us be your guide along the journey. Reach us by completing the form below or calling us at 803-984-9875 (9AM-8PM, Eastern Standard Time).

Kind Words From A Client:

“Thank you again for all your help and support and advice this weekend. Everyone thought the room looked great, and your ideas were responsible for that. I appreciate your hanging the pictures and your mom’s ironing of the dust ruffle. I am so thankful that I saw the article advertising that you were speaking locally. My life has been blessed with many caring friends, and I count you among them. May God continue to bless you in all that you do for others.” (Charlotte Kilpatrick)

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