Dementia and Necklaces???

I am old enough to be experiencing menopause, and “NO” you don’t need to know any more than that. So, don’t ask! This week I was dressed in a nice business appropriate outfit, complete with necklace, bracelet, rings, earrings, and probably a scarf. I do love my scarves! As I live in the South and it is mid August, the temperature was (how shall I tactfully say this?) hot as… a well-heated pot belly stove. I removed the necklace and placed it on the passenger seat of my car. It slid around and made its way next to my water bottle. Seems my necklace was seeking relief from the heat also. About an hour later, I retrieved the necklace to install it around my neck, again. Ahhh, it felt wonderful. The cold from the bottle had made its way to the necklace, and now that necklace was cooling my overheated self. I was very happy for the relief.

This relates well to dementia.  While speaking throughout the country, I have individuals express concern over whether they are getting dementia.  They can’t find their glasses or their phone.  They forget why they got off the sofa and entered another room.  And “what the heck is your name”?  All these things are normal.  (At least it feels good to know we are somewhat “normal”!) What is not normal is to find your glasses – or your jewelry –  in the refrigerator.  If your cell phone is between the mattress and the box spring, that is not normal.  We need to look at these moments of confusion carefully to discern if the situation is actually sensible or totally non-sensible.  This will help with weeding out concerns over our mental status that might be unfounded.

However, I think I should store my necklaces in the refrigerator! Think about it. During those warm summer months I could always have cool relief and be appropriately accessorized all in one easy motion. Now don’t you just love it when life throws such a wonderful idea your way?

Keep smiling, and have a cool caregiving journey.  Hope that gives you Something To Ponder!

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