-4If you have followed our blog, you have discovered we have a heart for senior citizens. In our humble opinion (wink wink), they are the most fun!

Recently, I attended a Polka Dance Class at a local church. It cost all of $5, and it was a ton of fun. I learned several things that night.

I am not good at Polka Dancing, but I had a great time trying

Polka Dancing is WORK!

Senior citizens ROCK!

As we arrived for our class, I overheard a young couple talking about their upcoming wedding. They had enlisted their bridal party to attend the class so they could all Polka Dance at the reception. The young couple worked diligently at learning the steps. Their wedding party, uh…. not so much!

As we finished the class, I took a breather to watch the professionals show off. It was then I realized all the senior citizens in the class were still dancing, but the young folks for the bridal party were on the side lines saying, “We will never learn to do that!”

Just when you think being a senior citizen works against you, the realization hits that SENIORS HAVE IT GOING ON! Kudos to my dancers with a few dance steps in their history. You showed the young folks that “you’ve still got it”!



100th Episode! –
What Have We Learned

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Sometimes, You’ve Just Got To Laugh!

As I entered the kitchen near my office to get a much needed cup of coffee, I noticed two guys were taking out old lights and installing new ones.  I was at the coffee pot when one of the light fixtures – a large recessed unit that uses tubes – fell!  Fortunately I was out of the way, so I just stood still.  The entire scene could have been a mess.

I turned to one of the workers and said,  “That was a near miss”.  The worker replied,  “No, it wasn’t.  You haven’t seen my underwear!”

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