AMAZON #1 BEST SELLER – Given 5 Stars By Amazon!

LET’S TALK DEMENTIA, an Amazon #1 Best Seller, is a caregiver’s guide for loving and caring for someone with dementia. It begins with the story of Carol’s mother’s diagnosis of Alzheimer’s type dementia, and it continues with hands-on tips for making caregiving easier and more successful.

Then to make life more interesting, Carol has thrown in a few jokes, riddles, and funny stories to lighten the mood.

MOMMA IS CONFUSED, AND SO AM I is an easy to read guide to understanding reversible and irreversible dementias.
This book helps the reader track difficulties their loved one may be experiencing with activities of daily living, and it offers an easy to follow charting system that will provide accurate information for the physician or caregiver.

It also has something to do with Jesus, the Sea of Galilee, and our call to be “fisher’s of men”.

is a 90 day devotional that tells Carol’s story of losing 100 pounds.

She explores what the scriptures have to say about eating, self-esteem, alcohol consumption, and other topics that have to do with caring for our body – The Temple.

This book is an Amazon Best Seller!

Dementia Books

I love to write! It is exciting to realize I have that most coveted of all possessions – TIME!
Time to sit in my office, feel the sun shining from the window and the SON shining from Heaven. Then I can write.

— Dr. Neal Barnard, MD, Best Selling Author and frequent guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, CBS Morning Show, and many others

“Let’s Talk Dementia is an informative and reassuring guide that will help you through what, for many people, can seem like an overwhelming challenge. By making medical information easy to understand and providing practical tips for dealing with countless day-to-day situations, this handy book gives you everything you need.”

— Teepa Snow (, The Country’s leading authority on dementia caregiving.

“ Great work! Carol has gone above and beyond in offering support, knowledge, and humor. Carol shares her experiences, adds her developed knowledge and skill, and then injects moments to pause and laugh. I hope those who find themselves struggling with caregiving will take a look at this short and helpful book”

“Bless you Carol. I bought our copy the day you did the workshop at First Presbyterian. I then went back and got two more copies. Both folks I have gifted say it is the clearest most understandable help they have received. What makes me weep in frustration are the times I know this knowledge would have made such a difference in my response to care receivers. My Momma used to say, “honey, you did the best you could with what you knew at the time. Let go. Let God, and get on with it.”
Anyway, thank you for LET’S TALK DEMENTIA and for your weekly newsletter.”

“Carol, Let’s Talk Dementia helped me understand what was happening to my mom and how to become positive and helpful instead of angry and frustrated. Your book is written in a spirit of love and concern with humor that makes the journey better – sort of a roadmap. It’s a complicated chemistry and biology lesson explained so I could understand the course and process of dementia. A must read for all caregivers!”
— C. Kilpatrick

“Your book has touched and blessed my life so much. I used the skills today at the nursing home visiting my husband’s uncle. I made sure to touch his arm lightly, make gestures when explaining things, made sure he could see me head on. Talked soothing, and we talked about the birds in the feeder outside his window as if it was the most important thing in the world to him. Bless you, Carol!!!!”
— K. Malena

“Spot on advice from someone who knows dementia. If someone you love has dementia, you need this book.”
— Dr. Steve Oehme, Rock Hill, SC

“Carol, thank you for my copy of your book. I started reading and had a difficult time putting it down. I cared for my husband for 20 months with the help of Dr. Bolouri. I kept him at home with the aid of sitters who loved and cared for him like family. Your book is the only one I read that even came close to having a real understanding of what one deals with while caring for a loved one with dementia. Wish it had been available 2 years ago. This is a great handbook for a caregiver. It is very easy reading with good explanations.” Thank you.
— B. Beam