The following is a listing of 35 questions you need answered regarding the LO in your world. (Maybe complete one on yourself, also.)
1. What name do I preferred to be called (and nickname)?
2. What is my spouse’s name?
3. Where did I grow up?
4. What did I do for a living?
5. What are my my children’s names?
6. What are my parent’s names?
7. What did my parents do for a living?
8. Where was I raised?
9. Where did I attend high school?
10. What kind of work did my spouse do?
11. What is my church denomination?
12. What is my favorite breakfast?
13. What do I prefer to drink with breakfast, lunch, and dinner?
14. What is my favorite snack?
15. What foods do I NOT like?
16. What foods do I REALLY like?
17. List anything special that needs to happen to my food – chopped, pureed, etc.
18. Do I like spicy foods?
19. Do I like sweet foods?
20. What restaurants do I enjoy frequenting?
21. Do I pray before meals?
22. What games do I enjoy?
23. Do I wear pajamas or a gown, or do I sleep in the nude?
24. Do I have food allergies?
25. Do I have medication allergies?
26. What medications do I take, and what surgeries have I had?
27. Who is my favorite doctor?
28. What is my favorite television show?
29. What type television show do I enjoy (comedy, detective, cowboy, cooking, etc)?
30. What are my favorite books/author?
31. Do I prefer to bathe in the morning or before bed?
32. What side of the bed do I normally sleep on?
33. What time do I like to go to bed?
34. This is what you can do to help me sleep.
35. Please tell me you love me!

There are at least 35 more questions you can add to this list. Write me at

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