LET’S TALK DEMENTIA is the name of my Amazon #1 Best Seller, and it is also the name of my podcast.  I have signs on both doors of my car and my husband’s car that say “Let’s Talk Dementia”.  We advertise everywhere we go.

These signs on our cars do another thing.  That make us very aware of road etiquette.  In other words, you won’t see us screaming at drivers, making inappropriate gestures (you know exactly what I am talking about!), or cutting someone off in traffic.

These signs also caused us to laugh recently.  Michael and I were attending a Sunday afternoon fundraiser in our town recently.  We drove separately, and met in the parking lot of the event.  Michael was ahead of me and pulled into a spot.  As he was pulling in to a spot on the right, I noticed a spot to the left.  I began pulling into the spot beside a very large tree.

BANG!  I heard this noise and thought, “How did I hit that tree?”  I was shocked, as I was sure I had cleared it.  Upon further notice, I realized the most embarrassing of all situations.  We both were driving cars that said “Let’s Talk Dementia”, and we had run into each other!  I kept wondering if everyone around us was laughing.  OK, it is funny NOW, but my cute little car has a dent that has to be repaired.  Michael’s car was OK.  

Life makes you laugh.  If you aren’t laughing at life, it will bring you down in a big way.  The little BUMPS in life are not worth the stress and attention we often give them. Save that energy for the important stuff, and laugh at everything else.

Hope that gives you Something To Ponder.




A kindergarten teacher wanted to teach her students about self-esteem. She said to her class, “Everyone who thinks you are dumb, please stand up”. She did not think anyone would stand, and she would make the point of how no one is dumb.

Johnny, still processing the thought, stood up. The teacher was shocked. She said, “Johnny, you don’t really think you are dumb. Do you?”

He said, “Well, no ma’am. I just hated seeing you stand there all by yourself.”


Sometimes, You’ve Just Got To Laugh!


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