The Diagnosis

Momma and Me

Momma and Me

I remember the day I learned my mother was diagnosed with dementia. I asked the doctor, "Are you telling me my mother will get dementia in the future?" He responded with, "No. I am telling you your mother HAS dementia." Quite honestly, my first thought was, "You must have failed bedside care class!"  What I really needed was a caring, understanding individual who was ready to help me walk the road of dementia. I knew NOTHING about the disease except the horror stories that had crossed my path.  My journey of learning to be a good caregiver began that day.  

Thank you for donating to Senior Life Journeys.  We are a not-for-profit organization that desires to offer Creative Music Making Experiences to individuals with cognitive and physical disabilities and Hospice Music to those in their last days.   Your donations are essential to keep this ministry active.  THANK YOU!

From that educational experience,  Senior Life Journeys was born.  Our goal is to bring knowledge, power, and hope to the lives of those who are loving and caring for someone with dementia.  We also bring joy to the lives of those with dementia through Music Therapy.  

Any stage in life can be an exciting time with many opportunities, or it can be a dreary time of confusion and entrapment. You may not be able to change your circumstances, but you can decide that the circumstances won’t dominate you. You do have choices.   If you are a veteran, we offer free assistance in seeking funding for assisted living expenses.  We also offer a discount on our Dementia Education Coaching.  Click HERE for more info on "Veterans Assistance".

Senior Life Journeys is here to help as you travel the journey of dementia. Don't go it alone. You need education, support, understanding, hope, and joy. All of these are available, and we want to help YOU find them!  Remember - Knowledge brings POWER.  Power brings HOPE.  Hope brings SMILES.  Who doesn't need extra smiles?